Serial Cable Harness for M3-ATX(-HV)

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Support: Utility | USB-Pinout | Utility [V2.0] | Pinout hints [DE/EN] | Pinout hints II [EN]

- M3-ATX(-HV) serial cable
- For changing M3-ATX(-HV) variables
- Cable lenght=300mm

Instructions :
1) Shut down your PC, remove power from M3-ATX
2) Connect serial cable, one end goes into the M3-ATX, the other end goes into the motherboard's internal COM connector (please refer to the motherboard's manual for connector location).
3) Apply power to the PC, startup PC.
4) Using Windows XP or Windows Vista, launch the M3-ATX-SRL.exe programm.
5)Select desired attributes (ex. Offdelay, Hardoff) from the drop down list.
6) Change desired setting.
7) Shut down PC.
8) Remove power from M3-ATX, disconnect the serial cable and select your desiderd jumper setting.