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22.07.2009 FEATURE: True 800x480 Support for 16:9 TFT displays

Our TFT displays with a native resolution of 800x480 from now on are shipped with "True-800x480-Support". This enables a pixel accurate view at 800x480 @ 70Hz. This resolution can be generated with all graphic cards which allow custom resoltions. This for example contains all Intel onboad-solutions, many ATI and Nvidia cards, WinCE-based solutions and many more.

You can find ready made graphic drivers for Intel based systems and resolution parameters for other systems on our 800x480-information page.

Displays with True-800x480-Support achieve a pixel accurate view at 800x480@70Hz

Most of our display models have been shipped already with "True-800x480-Support" in the last weeks. Below you can find a list of supported models :
- CTF400 (from 090406A78499)
- CTF400-S (from 090226S70348)
- CTF400-M (from 090406R70690)
- CTF700-V2
- CTF700-H-V2 (from 090508H76079)
- CTF700-SH-V2 (from 090305S71381)
- CTF700-HM (from 090306R70670)
- CTF700-SP (from 090305T71994)
- CTF800-V3 (from 090311T81391)
- CTF800-L
- CTF800-SL
- CTF1020 (from 090406T10921)
- CTF1020-S (from 090428S10003)
- CTF1020-M (from 090309R10022)
- MH700
- MH700-S
- MM400-V3 (from 090303T73631)
- MM400-V3-VGA (from 090303P71569)

If your already purchased display has no support built-in we in most cases can upgrade it for a charge of 20 EUR + shipping. Please contact us for this by email and let us know your invoice number and serial number of your device.