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18.10.2009 NEW PRODUCT : DCDC-USB, Converter from 6-34V to 5-24V

DCDC-USB is a high power intelligent DC-DC converter. This unit accepts any input ranging from 6-34V.
Output is 12V regulated or output can be changed with simple jumper settings to 5V, 6V, 9V, 12V, 13.5V, 18V or 24V or via USB in fine increments (0.25V) anywhere from 6-24V.
And the DCDC-USB has 4 modes of operation : Dumb mode, Automotive mode, UPS mode, Script mode.

DCDC-USB (Converter from 6-34V to 5-24V, max. 100 watts)

11.10.2009 UPDATE : Fleet Navigator 5.5, Truck Navigator 5.5

New in Version 5.5:

  • Radar warner (More than 16.000 stationated radars in Europe. 1 year free updates included)
  • TTS (Text-to-Speech) Engine
  • Coordinate-input
  • Global search for POIs
  • Speeding warner for trucks
  • Turnover manoveurs can be avoided on constructional not seperated roads on a higher level
  • Guided Navigation (Import complete routes from eg. Map&Guide Professional)
  • Road Editor (Truck attributes can be edited on the map with Map&Guide Professional 2009 or calculate 2009)
The navigation-software is available for PC and PDA and there are PND devices available with 5“ and 7“ displays.

Map&Guide Fleet Navigator 5.5 (Germany/Austria/Switzerland (DACH), Speech, TMC) [PDA/PC]
Map&Guide Fleet Navigator 5.5 (Europe incl. Eastern europe, Speech, TMC) [PDA/PC]
Map&Guide Truck Navigator 5.5 (Germany/Austria/Switzerland (DACH), Speech, TMC) [PDA/PC]
Map&Guide Truck Navigator 5.5 (Europe incl. Eastern europe, Speech, TMC) [PDA/PC]

Fleet/Truck Navigator 5.5 Update versions