picoUPS-100 (100W backup-interface)

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  • UPS !
  • 10A max !
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The picoUPS-100 is a small yet powerful UPS (uninterruptible power supply) solution. The picoUPS-100 was conveniently design to be compatible with quarter brick PSU standard (58 x 36mm).

The picoPSU-100 ensures uninterrupted power for your electronics by automatically switching in between a DC input source (15-18V) and a Lead Acid (SLA battery). The switching in between the power sources is instantaneous, thus allowing smooth, uninterrupted device operation. The picoUPS-100 also has a built-in, two stage battery charger unit.

The PICOUPS-100 has been specifically designed for uninterruptible small/medium power PC operation, where “always on” operating is required. Applications for the picoUPS include a wide range of systems including servers and telecom and high availability systems. These applications often have either N+1 redundant power supplies, redundant power buses, or both.

Technical specifications
- Input : 6-18VDC
- Max. Load : 6A
- Peak Load : 10A
- Dimensions : 58 x 36 x 20 mm (1U kompatibel)
- Weight : 30g
- Efficiency : 95%