CTFWIKE-3 Wireless BLUETOOTH-keyboard with Mouse-stick (10m range) [DE-Layout]

  29.95 EUR
incl. 19% VAT, plus shipping

  • Bluetooth !
  • 10m Range !
  • Slim design !
  • Integrated mouse !
Support: Installation [DE] | Installation [EN]

Compact Bluetooth keyboard, 10 meters operation range, Slim design, a thumbstick and 2 standard mouse buttons. Besides the mouse stick there is a touch sensor for scrolling functionality.

Dimensions : 202 x 106 x 18 mm
Layout : DE (Germany)
Mode of transmission : Bluetooth (HID)
Support Sleep and Wake-up Function
Battery Low LED
On/Off switch maximizes battery life
Batteries : 2x AAA Batteries
150 hours continuous use with new batteries

Compatible with eg.:
- Windows XP, Vista (32/64bit), 7 (32/64bit),..
- Playstation 3
- Google Android phones (App "BlueInputAndroid" or other HID driver needed)
- Iphone/ipad (App "BTstack" or other HID driver needed. Starting from Iphone version 4.0.2 there is no additional software required.)

Note :
For using this keyboard you need a Bluetooth receiver stick or other Bluetooth-capable device. An receiver is not included with this offer.