FleetPC-4 / FleetPC-5 / FleetPC-7-B / FleetPC-8 Connector cable for CTFHD-TFT Displays - 5m -

  39.00 EUR
incl. 19% VAT, plus shipping

With this cable you can connect our CTFHD-displays (models with HDMI All-In-One cable) directly to the DVI-port of the FleetPC-5 / FleetPC-7-B / FleetPC-8 / FleetPC-4-C car-pc system. Through this connection we serve VGA, Touchscreen USB, power, audio (audio only with FleetPC-4-D, FleetPC-7-B and FleetPC-8 series).

- Connector cable All-In-One
- Length : 500cm (~397 cm main cable part, 5 cm splitter, 98 cm single cables)
- only for CTFHD displays with HDMI All-In-One connector,