Akasa Pi-4 Raspberry Pi 4 enclosure (A-RA08-M1B)

  27.95 EUR
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Beautifully crafted, aluminium case. Thermal kit with heatsink top cover cools and protects Raspberry Pi 4.

Customised thermal kit with heatsink top cover conducts heat away from the processor, GPU and USB 3.0 chipset; ensures the system runs optimally, even under heavy workload. Contemporary styled heatsink top cover and refined look make it perfect for a home entertainment or automation system. Easy access to external connectors. Designed for commercial system production with concealed SD card slot. Optional DIN rail bracket or wall mounting kit
Material Black sandblasted anodized aluminium
Dimensions 68.5 x 96 x 33.5 mm
Motherboard support Raspberry Pi 4 Model B
LED light holes 2
Antenna fitting holes 1
Product code A-RA08-A1B / A-RA08-M1B