Integration Micro-USB charger/converter 12/24V (10-28V to 5V, max. 15W, 3m)

  29.95 EUR
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  • 10-28VDC input !
  • micro-USB !
  • 5V, 3A !
  • 3m ! 12/24V !

This adapter/converter/charger can connect to any USB device with Micro USB socket. The adapter can be connected directly to 12V car or 24V truck batteries (input range 10-28V DC).

Input: 10-28VDC
Output: 5V, max. 3A
Cable lengths: 1m input (open lices), 1,8m output (microUSB)
Reverse polarity protection, overload protection, overtemperature protection
Adapter enclosure: 50x30x20mm (IP67)