GNS FM9 TMC receiver (USB) [SPECIAL]

  35.00 EUR
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  • TMC !

The GNS FM9 RDS TMC adapter is a FM receiver with RDS/TMC ability.
With this new adapter GNS extends its successful product portfolio. As world-wide the first enterprise developed the company from Germany TMC- and GPS/TMC receivers, which are used for portable dynamic navigation equipment.

The GNS FM9 extends mobile navigation systems with integrated GPS receiver with RDS/TMC functionality. With help of the GNS FM9 the received traffic messages are through-handed to the navigation software, these can again compute an alternative route with consideration of the new traffic conditions and avoid the traffic jam.

Compatible with Car-PC, Laptop, PC (USB)

Scope of supply :
1x GNS TrafficBox RDS TMC receiver
1x Antenna with 2.5mm jack connector