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2   Requests

The .in file

A request is a textfile (ASCII) with the file extension ".in". The application reads and parses the .in file when it's placed in the directory "\My Documents\tb-navi.remote\" on the mobile device or C:\Document and Settings\All Users\Application Data\map&guide navigator\remote\ on Windows XP or C:\ProgramData\map&guide navigator\remote\ on a Windows 7 PC. The result of the request (return-values, errors, ...) is written after execution in a text file with the same name and the extension ".out" in the same directory as the .in file. .in file.

Every .in file and .out file contains two types of elements:

Attributes in [Head] section:

The .out file

An .out file is generated after the execution of a request. The .out file also contains a [Head] section with the following attributes:

Attributes in [Head] section:

Some request types need additional attributes for execution. These attributes are defined in the .in file in request-specific sections. The generated .out file always contains a request-specific section with further information about the results of the execution of the request.

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