Remote Control Interface

1   Overview

PTV Navigator remote control is a simple batch file interface, which allows the manipulation of application states and data.
With the batch file concept, the remote control interface is independent of the programming language and platform of the calling application.

2   Requests

2.1   Requests for querying or modifying data

2.1.1   Get the actual GPS position
2.1.2   Change application options
2.1.3   Add a stop-off point to the favorites list
2.1.4   Add a stop-off point to previous destinations list
2.1.5   Add a stop-off point to stop-off point list
2.1.6   Get the stop-off point list
2.1.7   Remove a stop-off point from stop-off point list
2.1.8   Get the favorites list
2.1.9   Remove a favorite from favorites list
2.1.10   Get the previous destinations list
2.1.11   Remove a previous destination from previous destinations list
2.1.12   Get the actual state of the application
2.1.13   Start the recording of GPS positions
2.1.14   Stop the recording of GPS positions
2.1.15   Get system information
2.1.16   Switch map
2.1.17 Stop GPS Loop

2.2   Requests for modifying application states

2.2.1   Start navigation
2.2.2   Stop navigation
2.2.3   End application
2.2.4   Show message
2.2.5   Start route planning

2.3   Requests for querying or modifying request handling

2.3.1   Get the request list
2.3.2   Delete a request from the request list