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Remote Interface Documentation



On this page you can find some examples we could not put in Tutorials, because of their size.
The examples are much bigger than the tutorials and will show you how complex operations are done.

Demo 1 (C++ - Example)

In this demo, we will decode an address string (get the coordinates), add these coordinates as a new station to the navigator and finally start a navigation to this point.

Download Demo 1


Demo 2 (.NET - Example)

This demo provides a little user interface with a listbox and some buttons, which trigger different commands:

  • the gps signal is polled periodically and if we reach the last destination, the button "complete" will be enabled
  • pressing button "Info" will get the stationlist from the navigator and print the stations in the listbox
  • pressing the button "Nv1" will start a navigation with data from a BCR-File
  • pressing button "Nv2" will trigger a chain of commands:
    first, the navigator will be set to the main menu,
    second, a station will be added to the navigator,
    third, a navigation to the added station will be started.

Download Demo2


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