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Remote Interface Documentation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Questions

Q: The API I use fails and I don't know why?
A: Please try to interpret the error code at first! The Errorcodes have all unique meanings and are mapped to symbols with a somewhat descriptive name. Then consult the documentation and read about requirements and pre-conditions for that API. Check out the supplied example code which demonstrates many calls in a working example.

Q: What about C# support?
A: The remote interface has a C# wrapper. You will need the .NET Framework 2 to use the wrapper, other frameworks are not supported.

Q: Is the interface synchronous?
A: No, the interface is not synchronous, because it uses the windows messaging system to communicate. You have to explicitely check for the acknowledgement message sent from the navigator to your WindowProc()-method to know if the request you sent was processed correctly.

Q: Do I have to wait for the acknowledgement message or can I ignore it if I don't need the return value sent with the message ?
A: You always have to check the acknowledgement message. If you don't check it, you will not know if the command succeeded. Also consecutive commands may fail too because they rely on the correct execution of the previous command.

Q: Is the return value of the C#-Method PostMessage() an indicator for successful execution of the command?
A: No, the return value indicates only that the request was sent. To know if the request succeeded, implement RIDataArrived() and check for the message you sent.

Q: Why can't SearchAddress geocode the address-string?
A: Search Address works only on the current map. If the address is in another country, and the navigation software is in the navigation mode we can't change the map.

Q: Why can't Inverse GeoCoding geocode the coordinates?
A: Inverse GeoCoding works only on the current map. If the coordinate is in another country, and the navigation software is in the navigation mode we can't change the map.

Q: Why are the application options not active, although I set them with ChangeApplicationOptions()?
A: The options must be set before a route calculation. If the options are set during the navigation, they will be not taken into account before the next navigation.

Q: Where do I have to install my application to communicate with the navigator?
A: The application can be installed anywhere. To ensure that the application is able to communicate with the remote interface, the ri.dll has to be moved to the SYSTEMROOT directory or you must add the the application directory of the navigator to the $PATH environment variable.

Q: How can I start a navigation with more than one station?
A: The stations must be added individually by AddStopOffPoint, then you can call StartNavigation.

Q: When a navigation is running, how can I start a new navigation?
A: First, you must cancel the current navigation with "RollBackToMainMenu". Then you can start a new navigation.

Q: How can I geocode a WGS84 coordinate to a mercator coordinate?
A:The command "SearchAddress" can be used to geocode WGS84 coordinates. The search string has to be in the following format: "-geodecimal(8.418774,49.009233)"

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