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25.07.2011 NEW PRODUCT : Jetway Multi-Touch Combo keyboard+mouse

The Jetway WK01S Ecomani mini Multi-touch Wireless Keyboard-touchpad Combo combines the standard keyboard and mouse operation in a compact, portable housing. It is designed to improve the user experience of using keyboard and mouse as an input device. It allows user to control a mouse cursor, enter text, and perform Windows 7 multi-touch function wirelessly with the latest capacitive touch sensing technology. You do not need a touch screen panel any more.

- Wireless keyboard with built-in touchpad
- Support Windows 7 multi-touch
- Come with two mouse buttons
- Capacitive sensing type touch with two-finger contact
- 104.5 x 67.5 mm large area touchpad
- QWERTY keyboard has more defined buttons
- Navigation keys for easy control during game
- Seamlessly button switch between keyboard mode and touchpad mode
- Rechargeable Li-ion battery via USB port
- Build-in 3.7V 600mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery
- Dedicated USB port for battery charging
- Short recharge time: two hours for full charge
- 2.4GHz DSSS wireless transmission up to 10 meter (33 feet)
- Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7, Mac, and Linux
- Compact portable design (168 X 90 X 12.5 mm) (the size of 3 business card aligned)
- Low weight (140 g)
- Plug and play: no need to install software under XP/Vista
- Windows 7 multi-touch driver supported
- Charge voltage/current : 5V/300mA
- Standby time : 600 hours

Jetway WK01S Wireless RF-keyboard with Multitouch-Pad (10m range)

03.07.2011 NEW PRODUCT : Fanless 5x Gigabit Multi-WAN Router

CTFROUTER is a complete, pre-installed, ready-to-go Multi-WAN router with many features.

The particular strengths are in the comfortable operation via a web interface (multilingual), the extensive functionality with even server functions (mail, Groupware, SQL,...) and especially in the support of up to 5x WAN inputs (eg. DSL, cable modem ,...).

Software (ClearOS) :
- Open-Source
- Multi-WAN (Kabel, DSL,...)
- 5x Gigabit LAN for free configuration as WAN or LAN ports
- 350/550Mbit NAT performance
- VPN (PPTP, Ipsec, OpenVPN)
- WLAN Access Point (802.11 b/g)
- DMZ, 1-to-1 NAT
- Stateful Firewall
- DHCP / DNS Server
- Console- (VGA) + Web-GUI multi-language (20 languages)
- SSH access
- Gateway Filter (Antimalware, Antispam, Intrusion Detection,...)
- Content Filter, Access Control
- Web Proxy
- Dynamic DNS
- Many Server functions (Windows Networking with PDC Support , groupware, Mail Server, MySQL, WebServer, etc...)

CTFROUTER-1-F (5x Gigabit Multi-WAN, VPN, WLAN, Firewall, SSH, Web-GUI, ClearOS/CentOS, Intel Atom based) [FANLESS, 550 Mbit NAT-Performance]
CTFROUTER-2-F (5x Gigabit Multi-WAN, VPN, WLAN, Firewall, SSH, Web-GUI, ClearOS/CentOS, Intel Atom based) [FANLESS, 350 Mbit NAT-Performance]

03.07.2011 NEW PRODUCT : Fanless enclosure f. Intel/Jetway/Zotac Mini-ITX

For the fanless enclosure Serener GS-L05 we now offer editions for these Mini-ITX mainboards :
- Intel D525MW
- Jetway JNC9C-550-L
- Jetway NF81-T56N-LF
- Zotac D-E, F-E und NM-10

The CPU/chipset of the mainboard is connected with the enclosure with a suitable heatpipe and allows complete fanless operation.

Serener GS-L05 (Fanless, for Intel D525MW)
Serener GS-L05 (Fanless, for Jetway JNC9C-550-L)
Serener GS-L05 (Fanless, for Jetway NF81-T56N-LF)
Serener GS-L05 (Fanless, for Zotac D-E,F-E und NM-10)