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26.11.2007 NEW PRODUCT : Premium Transflective TFT Displays

For the Enthusiast, Cabriolet- and/or Power-User we now offer 4 new TFT models. These are the well-known CTF400, CTF700-H, CTF840 Displays, but equipped with a transflective panel and anti-glare touchscreen.

This new Premium-series enables usability even under hardest conditions.

Using transflective panels and Anti-Glare touchscreens enables readability even under direct sunlight. For the first time with midrange-models, TFT panels with transflective technology are used. An anti-reflexion-coating additionally minimizes reflections on the surface. Transflective TFTs combine the advantages of reflexiv and transmissive display systems. The incoming light, which is making the surface of other display types to be unreadable, is reflected by the rear side of the panel. Because of this passive relexion the image is winning on brilliance. During dark light conditions the readability is still ensured by a transmissive backlight.

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25.11.2007 NEW PRODUCT : UMPC, Commell AMD ITX, ...

Today we can present you some exiting new products :
- A very multifunctional UMPC (=Ultra Mobile PC) with many connection and communication possibilities. The optional available car cradle enables usage as a Car-PC.
UMPC RoanDigital Everun S60H (600Mhz, 60GB, 512MB RAM)

- Commell LV-679D: Successor of LV-677. Now with support for FSB800 CPUs.
Commell LV-679D

- Commell LV-681 : ITX-Mainboard on AMD Turion Mobile and Radeon Onboard-Graphics adapter basis for maximum gaming fun also in your car.
Commell LV-681

19.11.2007 MINIPC.DE : Installation-Tutorial for virtuelal Windows Home Server

In our installation-tutorial we show you how to install the newMicrosoft Windows Home Server. As bonus we explain how to setup a virtual system on basis of Debian-Linux and VMWare Server.

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