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Shop for mobile PC- and GPS-solutions

Shop for mobile PC- and GPS-solutions

29.02.2008 NEW PRODUCT : M4-ATX. Car-PC power supply with 300 Watts peak power....

The call for more power has been heard. The M4-ATX offers everything the M2-ATX is offering, but with a peak power output of 300 watts !

M4-ATX Car-PC ATX Automotive power supply

11.02.2008 NEW PRODUCT : Fujitsu D2703-S AMD ITX Mainboard

The first ITX Mainboard from Fujitsu : D2703-S, on AMD basis with large feature-set and ATI DirectX9 Radeon Onboard-Graphics adapter for maximum gaming fun also in your car.

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05.02.2008 NEW PRODUCT : Open-Frame VGA Touchscreen TFT Displays

With the new Open-Frame TFT display-series from CarTFT you get back control : The ruggedized metal frame enables you a stable installation. The single modules (Mainboard, Touchscreen controller, Power inverter and button-frame) can be screwed off from the rear side and beeing positionated elsewhere. This way you can install the connector cables more easier and the display thickness shrinks also.

Note : This Open-Frame TFT display is an offer primarily meant for business and project customers. End consumers should only handle with unprotected electronic parts with appropriate experience.

Possible additional options (starting from a MOQ of 20 units):
- Speakers
- Auto-Dimmer
- Different cable lengths
- Other display models/sizes
- Touchscreen RS232 instead of USB
- Other connector types
- [...] Ask us !

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05.02.2008 NEW PRODUCT : PicoPSU-90, PSU for Intel D201GLY(2)(A)

This new ATX power supply is a PicoPSU-120 but with lesser power output (90W instead of 120W) and with integrated P4 connector. It is perfect for enpowering your Intel ITX D201GLY, D201GLY2 or D201GLY2A. But it can also be used to power other mainboards fanless.

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04.02.2008 TOUCHSCREEN : New drivers for Windows XP, Vista and Linux

Windows XP/Vista :
With version 5 some smaller bugs were fixed which prevented the touchscreen from working correctly after resuming from Standby.
In addition there is a new smaller package for using with UMPC/MID devices.

The new driver packages ease the installation under any distribution with kernel 2.4 or 2.6, 32 or 64 bit.

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