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27.04.2008 SYSTEMBUILDER : AMD Complete systems

With the new systems on AMD basis you get an onboard ATI DirectX9 Radeon Graphics adapter for maximum gaming fun also in your car.

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23.04.2008 NEW PRODUCT : Car2VGA adapter. VGA on MMI TFTs...

With the new Car2VGA adapters you can use the MMI 7"/8.8" TFT Display of Audi A6/A8/Q7/A5/A4 and BMW 1-/3-/5-/6-/7-series with external video sources and a VGA source (CarPC/Laptop).

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21.04.2008 NEW PRODUCT / PRESS : CTF845 display with LED backlight / PCPlus (UK) about Infill G4...

New with CTF845(-A) : LED-Backlight-Technology, with optimized color saturation enabling particular high and shining display. The scale of displayable color nuances is increased by 45% because of the new technology. Conventional LCDs are based on CCFL backlight, which can display approx. 72% of the standard color scale of NTSC (National Television Systems Committee). With LED-Backlight-Technology 104% of the NTSC-color scale can be displayed. This results in displaying in a highly realistic manner.

CTF845 - 8" LED-TFT with Auto-Dimmer, USB-HUB and 12/24V Support
CTF845-A - 8" LED-TFT

In the new April 2008 issue, PCPlus from the UK writes about the Infill G4 Car-PC.
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17.04.2008 NEW PRODUCT : High performance hook-and-loop tape

This self-adhesive hook-and-loop tape can resist very strong forces because of its extra-strong hooks on the hard side and the strong interweaved polyamide on the soft side. Even sand or dirt can not affect the cohesion of both sides much. Because of that this tape is a perfect mounting solution for all non-permanent connections.

High performance hook-and-loop tape (30cm x 15cm) [self-adhesive]
High performance hook-and-loop tape (15cm) [self-adhesive] -- per 1 Meter from roll --

15.04.2008 NEW PRODUCT : Automotive ATX power supply with 500W power

With the new 500W Automotive ATX power supply you now also can power GTX graphic cards in your car.

500W DC ATX power supply (9-18VDC)

15.04.2008 AWARD : PicoPSU-120 got Innovation procut award 2008

The PicoPSU-120 was choosen by the jury because of its efficiency, innovation and value for small and medium-sized business.

PicoPSU-120 ATX Power supply

14.04.2008 NEW PRODUCT : Infill G4 without amplifier

The Doppel-DIN CarPC Infill G4 is now also available without internal amplifier. This enables you to connect it to external Car-Hifi power amplifiers.

Infill G4 (without amplifier)

14.04.2008 NEW PRODUCT : Car-Adapter for FBOX-PC

With this new car-adapter you connect your FBOX-PC (or FBOX-PC-CF) directly with the cigarette lighter plug of your car. The adapter outputs stable 5V at any time (also during engine start time !).

DC/DC converter for FBOX (5VDC) [CAR]