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Car-PC MiniKey (Tiny USB keyboard) MiniKey (Tiny USB keyboard)
 | 11.03.2011
Quite good for our cars and software that needs some keyboard entry (ex: Garmin Mobile PC)
Even if it's a QWERTY keyboard.

Car-PC Garmin Mobile PC (Europa, Speech) -multilingual- with GPS 20x sensor Garmin Mobile PC (Europa, Speech) -multilingual- with GPS 20x sensor
 | 03.03.2011
For this software, no resgistering possible on Garmin website. (--> no map update)
This package comes with V2010.10 of Europe map. 2011.40 exists on garmin website.
It also contains V5.0.60 of the software. But you could download for free the last update Ver. 5.00.70, as of Feb 19, 2010 on Garmin website there : http://www8.garmin.com/support/collection.jsp?product=010-00685-00

Using it now : it's really frustrating they don't implement a virtual software keyboard four our use in carpc (as it could exist on nuvi GPS, it's nearly the same).
But a cool software well thinked with big button drivable with touch screen.

Update from :2011-03-11 11:58
1/ This software have old maps (2010.10) Up to date Garmin maps are 2011.40. More ...
2/ Don't think you can upgrade maps when installing the software. You even can't register the GMPC software only version.
3/ Even if a new version (5.00.70) is available for download on Garmin Web, don't think to upgrade. It's a shame... 4 application crashes on 20 kilometers (and no support answer). So i went back to the version on the DVD (5.00.60g). I'll try this this week-end. So Please don't upgrade.
4/ One positive note : well known (NUVI like) interface on your PC.
5/ but no virtual keyboard for town, street, ... entries. Consider this http://www.cartft.com/catalog/il/478 with this software.