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Product comments of DarkwarrioR

Car-PC Intel D525MW (with integrated Atom 2x 1.8Ghz CPU) [<b>FANLESS</b>] Intel D525MW (with integrated Atom 2x 1.8Ghz CPU) [FANLESS]
 | 16.08.2011
I have this great board for a month and so far I have no problems with it. It works great and really doesn't need any fan to cool. even on constant 30% cpu load for days it won't overheat, cpu may reach over 80° after time, but it doesn't reach its critical temperature of 100°. Only problem is if you want to plug in a case fan on board, You cannot adjust it's speed below 30% in bios, but I worked around this problem by adding a resistor making fan almost inaudible.
This board will perform fine with its passive cooling as a server or media pc, the cpu is powerful and cool, so I recommend this.

 | 16.08.2011
I bought 2x 2gb and filled both slots on my Intel D525MW board. I use 32bit os, so I have reached max ram of 3.4gb that my 32bit os can allocate. Its really great to have that much ram on x86!

Car-PC Morex Case Cubid CB3688 black Morex Case Cubid CB3688 black
 | 16.08.2011
I instantly liked this case because it is very small, so you can place it under monitor and includes its own power-supply and 60w adapter, so you don't have to get pico-psu and external power adapter, saving you about 60?. The power led is too bright for my aspects so I unplugged it. I also like the front usb and option to install a slim dvd drive.

Car-PC Mitac PD10BI (Intel DN2800MT2) Rev.2 Half-Height (Intel Bay Trail Celeron  J1900 4x2.42Ghz CPU, 10-19VDC) [<b>FANLESS</b>] Mitac PD10BI (Intel DN2800MT2) Rev.2 Half-Height (Intel Bay Trail Celeron J1900 4x2.42Ghz CPU, 10-19VDC) [FANLESS]
 | 08.08.2016
A big plus for this motherboard is the integrated PSU because not only you can plug power adaptor straight to the motheboard, but also it eliminates quite a few cables inside the case, so it's easy to keep them organized. The sata power cable for ssd/hdd plugs in straight to the motherboard, and there is another, one to two ends sata power cable included, in case if you need to plug in another drive.

A minus for this mobo is well integrated PSU... because if that fails that means you have to replace the entire board.

The motherboard doesn't require any fan, but I recommend installing a case fan to run at minimum rpm just to provide some airflow because it does get quite hot in there

Car-PC Akasa Cypher Thin-ITX enclosure (AK-ITX04-BK) Akasa Cypher Thin-ITX enclosure (AK-ITX04-BK)
 | 08.08.2016
A nice looking case for the price with large enough vent for a 80cm fan so you can install a fan and keep it at low rpm so it's inaudible, just so the components get some airflow. The power led is very bright, so you might want to either not connect it to the motherboard, or unscrew the front button circuit and tape over it with electrical tape. Put some foam between the panel and power/reset buttons while at it because not only they feel flimsy and cheap but they actually rattle when you move the case.

Car-PC DIMM SO-DDR-3 4GB [Low Voltage, 1.35V & 1.5V Supported] DIMM SO-DDR-3 4GB [Low Voltage, 1.35V & 1.5V Supported]
 | 08.08.2016
Typical dimm ddr3 ram that goes in mini itx motherboard or a laptop. Pay attention to the voltage when ordering. One of two sticks that I got was dead on arrival so I will RMA it. If your mini computer keeps reseting when you turn it on (fan spinning up and down) it's probably bad ram. If operating system freezes or crashes there might be issues with one of your ram sticks.