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Product comments of dewy666

Car-PC MiniKey (Tiny USB keyboard) MiniKey (Tiny USB keyboard)
 | 28.09.2008
Small, compact and light very handy to save space or even as a gaming chatpad the only bad points are its got no wireless connection and its hard to use on an xbox 360 gamepad on windows for example if you play online shooters with a game pad you would have to create your on holding bay not easily made but theres alot of gamepads out there so it makes sense in a way but if you buy this and make a holder for your current gamepad you will enjoy it. also its plug and play so no drivers and the added function of which is hotkeys and key tweaking so this in a way makes up for no holder and not everyone need wireless connection to all of their functions but then again every one is entitled to their opinion so if its not for you then its ok with me and no one should force you into buying it but if you use pinnacle game profiler with this you will have no need for a keyboard and mouse ever again also its very helpful if you are one of those people who sit far away from the computer to do their work on their pc so its good in that sense i reccomend this as a best buy if you have read this far down on my comment i thank you for your time and hope this will make your mind up on wether or not to buy this