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Product comments of ggardu

Car-PC CTF400<b>-ML</b> - VGA 7" TFT - Touchscreen USB - Video - <b>OPEN-FRAME (LED Backlight)</b> CTF400-ML - VGA 7" TFT - Touchscreen USB - Video - OPEN-FRAME (LED Backlight)
 | 25.02.2009
Great product! It can be put directly in the dashboard, with no visible difference with an integrated device. Very useful the light sensor that change brightness according to environment ligth!

Car-PC Intel D945GCLF<b>2</b> (with integrated Atom 2x 1.6Ghz CPU, <b>TV-Out</b>) Intel D945GCLF2 (with integrated Atom 2x 1.6Ghz CPU, TV-Out)
 | 04.03.2009
Great motherboard/processor for carpc, due to an adeguate computing power (I also bought a 2 GB ram module) which make windows run without problems.

Car-PC P4 connector cable (4pol-5.25) P4 connector cable (4pol-5.25)
 | 04.03.2009
Necessary with my intel motherboard. But there's only one 5.25 pol plug in MT2-ATX, so I would better buy a 4 pol - 4 pol adapter

Car-PC M<b>2</b>-ATX-<b>HV</b> 6-32V DC/DC (140 Watt) M2-ATX-HV 6-32V DC/DC (140 Watt)
 | 04.03.2009
A power supply unit that works great! Easy control over power, battery level protection.

Car-PC VoomPC (perfect for M1-ATX/M2-ATX) [Black Edition] VoomPC (perfect for M1-ATX/M2-ATX) [Black Edition]
 | 04.03.2009
My choiche for carpc, small enough to stay under the driver's seat, big enough to accept MT2-ATX an HD.Maybe the chassis fan could be less noising..

2,5" HDD 40GB (Automotive + Extended Duty)
 | 04.03.2009
Great product for my offroad vehicle! Should not suffer vibration.