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Horst's Bike- and Airplane-PC Horst's Bike- and Airplane-PC

The requirements to a GPS system for incar-usage are different to those in an airplane. GPS in an airplane helps with positioning, because on maps you can also see fly safety structures. If you fly into a closed area, then you will hear a warning tone and see a flashing display.

Film (Segelflugzeug mit CTF700-SH Display)

More different to cars is : The wind. On the airspeed indicator you can see 80km/h on the pictures, but the GPS can show you the real speed and this way you can find out the wind speed. The flying GPS softwares handles this calculation for you and shows it on the display.

The compass shows 40 degress here, but the direction of the GPS shows to West, so it is 270 degrees. I had to learn that there is a small delay in GPS data. But the most important thing is, that with direct sunlight impact (as you can see on the pictures), the TFT-Display (CTF700-SH Sunlight-readable Display) still remains perfectly readable. I took a PC with me into the airplane. Because I flew for 6 hours I had to take a 24 AH battery with me.

My PC and TFT draw ~40 Watts. I have used an INTEL D201GLY2 BOX mini ITX 1,2 Ghz CPU 533 SATA fanless. But I had to install a fan afterwords, because the CPU temperature got up to 94°C.

In addition I plan to integrate sensors for medical data about the pilot and store the data on the PC.

I also use the PC and TFT on my bicycle. Even under direct sunlight, the display is readable. Here is my GPS system on my bike :

Horst Metzig, 19.05.2008