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23.06.2008 PRESS : LinuxUser tests picoPSU and MiniPC,...

In June issue of german magazine "Linuxuser" they test PicoPSU power supply and a Noah/Intel D201GLY2 based Mini-PC.
To press-section

23.06.2008 NEW PRODUCT : FBox-PC, fanless mini computer, now with 1 GB RAM

The fanless compact-PC, F-BOX, now also is available with 1GB RAM.

FBox-PC (1024MB RAM)

18.06.2008 NEW FEATURE : Control software for M4-ATX Automotive power supply

When you connect M4-ATX by USB with your PC, then you can control voltages and temperatures with the control software. With the Advanced software version you even are able to change the behavior of the power supply !

M4-ATX Kontroll Software
M4-ATX Kontroll Software (Advanced)

16.06.2008 NEW PRODUCT : Low Profile replacement heatsink for Intel D945GCLF

With this replacement heatsink for the Intel D945GCLF and D201GLY(2)(A) Mini-ITX mainboard you get enabled to use the mainboard also in ITX enclosures where the original heatsink has prevented an intgeration.

Example :
- M200
- Morex 3300/3100/3677/3688
- ...

Low Profile replacement heatsink for Intel D945GCLF
Replacement manual

09.06.2008 SUPPORT : CID650 800x480 Graphics card driver for Intel based systems

With our graphic card driver for Intel onboard cards also the resolutions 800x480 and 1366x768 become available.

New on 09.06.2008 :
- Support for CID650 Doppel-Din 6.5" Display

To the 800x480 driver section

03.06.2008 NEWSLETTER : Technical problems

While sending today's newsletter there was a technical problem which has caused multiple sending. We already work with the manufacturer of the software on a solution in order to prevent such behavior in the future.

Please excuse the unpleasantness which we might have caused on your side.

02.06.2008 NEW PRODUCT : Morex 3300/3310 ITX enclosures

The new Morex-enclosures 3300 and 3310 can be used as HTPC. An optionally available VESA-mounting unit enables the mounting on the rear side of LCD- or Plasma-TVs.

The Morex 3300 has an integrated fan, whereas the 3310 Gehäuse is capable of holding passively cooled mainboards because of its big air holes.

Morex 3300 ITX Enclosure
Morex 3310 ITX Enclosure
Morex 3300/3310 VESA mounting unit