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Infill G4

  • Infill G4 Assembling [en]
  • Infill G4 Manual [en]
  • Infill G4 Software Installation [en]
  • Infill G4 Multi-Monitor How-To [en]



Infill G4 : GPS receiver not working

Please setup your navigation program on COM 1, Baud 9600.

Infill G4 : GPS button in Infill-Station without function

1. go to c:/Program Files/MAXAN/Infill Station
2. open Infill.ini using notepad.exe
3. change the following according to the Navi s/w
Path=c:/Program Files/CoPilotLaptop8/AppCoPilot.exe --> navi s/w run file directory
Width=800 --> Resolution of Windows when switching to navi
Height=600 --> Resolution of Windows when switching to navi
Caption=CoPilot Live --> Main Dialog box Caption name of the navigation application program.This part must be written in order for the navigation s/w to automatically hide or show when retruning to InfillStation.

Infill G4 : How can the car steering wheel control be used ?

All car models are supported where the steering wheel control is interfaced with 2 cables (CAN-Bus is not supported). Minus (coming from the steering wheel) connects to Ground and Plus (coming from the steering wheel) connects to the brown "Remocon" Kabel. For configuration issues you can use the program you find in the driver section.

DLL-Error message when calling Navigon NCK or Navigator from Infillstation

Create a new batch-file with eg. this content :
cd C:Program filesNavigon
Then link against that new file from Infill ini-file.

While in Radio FM mode you can see it finds stations but you can hear nothing

Check :
Infillstation --> Config --> Speaker --> Main Volume --> Line in
Please check that the "line in" volume level gauge is at least 50%.

How to disable the blinking message "Do not operate while driving" in Infillstation version 1.6.8 ?

On the main menu,
1) press the MUSIC button for about 15 seconds
2) you will hear a beeping signal
3) then press the CONFIG button

Infill G4 : Does not work at all (functionality test)

For a minimum test, connect :
Red cable = ACC or Light switch cable or Ignition+
thick yellow cable = +12V
black cable = GND (ground)

Stand-By mode does not work

Set "S3" in BIOS power options.