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Shop for mobile PC- and GPS-solutions

Map&Guide Fleet/Truck Navigator Support

Note : If you already have generated a pin code but need a new one because of a new installation, then the licence key has to be resetted by PTV AG. Please contact PTV AG by email pincode@navigator.ptvgroup.com. If the used hardware has not changed then the pin code does not have to be regenerated.



[PDA-Version] Empty map list at program starting time

(Only applies to Navigator V5.0) With some PDA-models there sometimes is a problem with the map installation procedure. You can fix it with these instructions :
Open the map CD/DVD in Explorer and copy maps manually from data nsmaps (eg. DEU_07Q4.pda) into the b-navi directory on the SD-card.

[only Windows Vista] Program has to be re-registrated on every start

This can be solved by adjusting Vista right management :
System control panel -> Administration -> Computer administration -> local users or administrator
-> Remove check on "Account is deactivated".
Then restart Navigator. Registration data now should be saved and kept saved.

COM-port for GPS is not available in setup

If the com port of your receiver is not listed in the settings, there are 2 possibilities :
1.) Manually set it in Navigator.uni file, section "[GPS_HW]", entry "COMPort".
2.) Allow all possible COM ports to be listed by setting "SearchAll=1" in Navigator.uni file in section [GPS].

CTFPND-1 and -2 : Navigation cancels with error message

(only applies to devices which shipped before 12.03.2009) Open the SD-card with a PC and open the file "Navigator.uni" in the "Navigator"-directory with a text editor. Search for section "[MGG]" and change the value "SPM=0" to "SPM=1" (or SPM=3 with version 5.2 with Service Pack 1). If this line does not exist, add it.

CTFPND-1 und -2 : Date/Time is not set automatically with GPS

In the "Navigator.uni"-file you can edit or add this section :

[PC-version 5.2] Display resolution can not be changed after installation

Install the Service Pack 1 for Truck/Fleet Navigator 5.2

[PC-Version 5.2+] Installation not possible under Windows Vista

At installation time "user accounts" have to be disabled. Start -> System control -> User accounts -> User account control activation/deactivation -> Remove switch. This setting can be set to origin state after installation has taken place.

CTFPND-1 und -2 : Enable extended information bar

In the "Navigator.uni"-file you can edit or add this section :
This way you will get 4 new icons in the upper right corner of the display showing :
- TMC signal quality
- GPS signal quality
- Volume lebvel
- battery capacity

Note : These information bars are only visible in the menu view but not during navigation.

[PC-Version 5.2+] Installation not possible under Windows 7

At installation time "user accounts" have to be disabled.
Method 1:
Start --> First steps --> Settings for user accounts. Slider in lowest setting --> confirm with "OK" -> reboot PC
Method 2:
Start --> Run --> "msconfig" --> under tab "Tools" go to "UAC-settings" --> Start, then put slider on lowest position -> confirm -> reboot PC
Method 3:
Start --> Control center --> All elements -> user accounts --> "Change user account settings" , change slider position to lowest position --> reboot PC

CTFPND1-V3 does not power on anymore

Please check if switch "Hold" on rear side is turned off.

Taskbar-Icon does not work (Windows 7)

Add the program path to the extapp.uni-file.
MainmenuIconApplication=C:\Program Files (x86)\PTV Navigator 7\popup.exe
NavigationmenuIconApplication=C:\Program Files (x86)\PTV Navigator 7\popup.exe

TMC is not working (V7.5)

In the V7.5 packets shipped until beginning of December 2012 some map files were named incorrectly, preventing TMC to work. This tool will fix the problem.