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Intel 800x480 / 1366x768

With our graphic card driver for Intel onboard cards also the resolutions 800x480 (and 1366x768 with some systems) become available.

Of course there is a wide range of resolutions which are supported also :
640x480, 720x480, 720x576, 800x600, 960x540, 1024x768, 1152x864, 1280x720, 1280x768, 1280x960, 1280x1024, 1400x1050, 1600x900, 1600x1200, 1856x1392, 1920x1080, 1920x1200, 1920x1440, 2048x1536
But you need to check that the resolution is also supported by your display.

Compatible systems (Driver Version 6.x) [only for WinXP, Windows 7, Vista, Server 2008]:
• Systems with Intel graphics
• Systems with ATI graphics
• Systems with Nvidia graphics

Compatible mainboards (Driver Version 5.x) [only for Windows 7]:
• Intel D410PT / D510MO
• Intel D425KT / D525MW
• Intel D945GCLF / D945GCLF2(D) / D945GSEJT
• Intel DG41AN
• Intel DG45FC / DQ45EK / DG41MJ
• Intel DH57JG
• Intel E6xx based (30.11.2011)
• Intel US15W based (30.11.2011)

Supported chipsets (Driver Version 4.x) :
• Intel® Q45/G41/G45 Express chipset
• Intel® GM45/GL40/GS45 Express chipset
• Intel® System Controller Hub US15W/US15WP/WPT chipset
• Intel® Q35 Express chipset
• Mobile Intel® GLE960/GME965 Express chipset
• Intel® Q965 Express chipset
• Mobile Intel® 945GSE Express chipset
• Mobile Intel® 945GME Express chipset
• Intel® 945G Express chipset
• Intel® 915GV Express chipset
• Mobile Intel® 915GME Express chipset
• Mobile Intel® 910GMLE Express chipset

Supported chipsets (Driver Version 3.x) :
• Intel(R) 855GME Chipset (Mobile)
• Intel(R) 852GM Chipset (Mobile)
• Intel(R) 852GME Chipset (Mobile)
• ... and other, but also supported by V4.x

This contains these systems and ITX mainboards available in our shop :
- CALU series
- CALUCORE series
- Kontron 886/986
- Commell 675D/677
- Biostar I94GM-I4
- Intel ITX
- Jetway ITX

Compatible TFT Displays ("True" 800x480) :
- CTF400 (ab 090406A78499)
- CTF400-S (ab 090226S70348)
- CTF400-M (ab 090406R70690)
- CTF700-V2
- CTF700-H-V2 (ab 090508H76079)
- CTF700-SH-V2 (ab 090305S71381)
- CTF700-HM (ab 090306R70670)
- CTF700-SP (ab 090305T71994)
- CTF800-V3 (ab 090311T81391)
- CTF800-L
- CTF800-SL
- CTF1020 (ab 090406T10921)
- CTF1020-S (ab 090428S10003)
- CTF1020-M (ab 090309R10022)
- MH700
- MH700-S
- MM400-V3 (ab 090303T73631)
- MM400-V3-VGA (ab 090303P71569)

Displays with True-800x480-Support achieve a pixel accurate view at 800x480@70Hz
If your already purchased display has no support built-in we in most cases can upgrade it for a charge of 20 EUR + shipping. Please contact us for this by email and let us know your invoice number and serial number of your device.

Compatible TFT Displays ("Basic" 800x480) :
- CTF400, CTF700(-H), CTF800, MM400 V1/V2, CTF1020
- (Xenarc) 700Y, 700TS, 700TSV, 1020Y, 1020TSV
- CID650 (new ! 09.06.2008)
Note : 1366x768 not available on all displays.

Supported operating systems :
- Windows 7 (only with version 5.x,6.x)
- Windows XP SP2
- Linux (XFree86 version 4.2.0 & 4.3.0, X.org version 6.7,6.8 & 7.0)
- Windows CE 5.0
- Windows CE 6.0

Version V6.0 (19.10.2011) ["True" 800x480] :
CarTFT 800x480 display driver
CarTFT 800x480/1024x600 Display driver f. Intel GMA 3600 (Intel Atom D2500/D2550/D2700/N2100/N2600/N2800)

Version V5.0 (03.11.2010) ["True" 800x480] :
Intel D410PT / D510MO
Intel D425KT / D525MW
Intel D945GCLF / D945GCLF2(D) / D945GSEJT
Intel DG41AN
Intel DG45FC / DQ45EK / DG41MJ
Intel E6xx based
Intel US15W based

Version V4.0 (22.07.2009) ["True" 800x480] :
CarTFT.com 800x480@70Hz Intel driver
CarTFT.com 800x480@70Hz Intel Treiber (for older Intel chipsets like 815/845/852/855/915, eg. FleetPC-1)
Powerstrip settings 800x480 for eg. ATI and NVidia
Settings for Nvidia Original-driver

Version V4.0 (22.07.2009) ["Basic" 800x480] :
CarTFT.com 800x480/1366x768 Intel driver for CTF-series
Powerstrip settings 800x480 for eg. ATI and NVidia

Version V3.0 (03.10.2007) ["Basic" 800x480] :
Installation guide (DE)
Installation guide (EN)
CarTFT.com 800x480/1366x768 Intel driver for CTF-Series
CarTFT.com 800x480/1366x768 Intel driver for 700/1020TS(V)-Series
CarTFT.com 800x480/1366x768 Intel driver for CID650

Tools :
DTD Calculator : Alternative program for manual setting of resolutions with Intel graphic adapters (Thanks to Grisu_1968 for the hint)

If you have problems or questions, then please contact our support team (support@cartft.com).
If you know better or alternative display timings (also for other TFT models), then please inform us so we can integrate them in the driver aswell.