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Knowledgebase / FAQ (VIA ITX)

WinXP : Drivers can not be installed

The drivers (eg. AGP, VGA, USB,...) from the VIA drivers-cd can only be installed when you have installed Service Pack 1 for WinXP before.

USB2.0 devices or HUBs do not work

Please install Windows Hotfix KB892050

Touchscreen fails after 5 minutes usage on Jetway ITX MB

Deactivate ACPI in the BIOS.

Cracking on sound output [VIA EN-Series]

Please use this driver : http://www.viaarena.com/default.aspx?PageID=420&OSID=1&CatID=1010&SubCatID=105

Infill G4 : Hear nothing in radio-mode

Check in settings that all channels, like Line-In, are activated and not set to 0.

No 5.1. sound possible

In Vinyl Deck select Multichannel (4 channels or 6 channels), then select Smart 5.1.
In system control panel, Sound and audio devices go on Audio-tab, volume of sound output, options, properties.
Select "Others", then Multi Channel and confirm. Now you have volume control on all speakers (Front, Rear, Center, Subwoofer). Activate output on all channels and you should hear sound from all speakers.