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Knowledgebase / FAQ (Centrafuse)

How does Multi-Monitor support works ?

You need to setup multiple monitors in Windows, and then they will show up in Centrafuse. Setup windows to extend the desktop to a second monitor, not just mirror, and then you will see Display2 in all the monitor options in Centrafuse. You can choose to have all your DVD, Video, and full screen Visualizations sent to the second monitor. Centrafuse will work with any number of monitors. There are other plugins that support secondary display options, such as the Web Browser. You can have your Web Browser always sent to a secondary monitor so that in the rear seats someone can use the Web Browser while the front driver is watching navigation and listening to music. This requires touch screens in the rear seats.

How does Multi-Sound support works ?

The Video and DVD playback will always work through the primary sound device. So with a second sound card installed you can setup all the audio for music files to play to the second audio device. This allows the customer to setup the primary sound device to be wired to speakers, amplifiers, or headphones in the rear seats of the car. Then the second audio device can be setup to be wired to the main speakers in the car. So the driver can listen to music files while for example the kids watch and listen to a DVD in the rear seats.

Is it possible to deactivate the driving warnings and limits ?

Centrafuse can be started with these flags : -nowarning -nolimit

In a shortcut this will look like :
"C:/Program Files/Flux Media/Centrafuse/Centrafuse.exe -nowarning -nolimit"

Advanced settings in Centrafuse 2.0

For accessing the advanced settings, hold down the "+"-button for 6 seconds.

Centrafuse can also be started with these flags : -advsettings

In a shortcut this will look like :
"C:/Program Files/Flux Media/Centrafuse/Centrafuse.exe" -advsettings

Bluetooth cell phone installation does not work

NOTE: There should not be other Bluetooth drivers installed before installing Centrafuse.

So do not insert your bluetooth dongle into the PC until Centrafuse is installed completely. (or delete/uninstall existing bluetooth drivers before installing Centrafuse)

- Start Centrafuse
- Settings -> Mobile phone
- Click on "Search Bluetooth devices" in your cell phone.
- Centrafuse gets detected
- Make connection and enter keys
- Connection gets established