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Knowledgebase / FAQ (CTFDINPC-1)

Memory tuning

As CTFDINPC-1 has only a 4GB Flash-HDD internally, it is recommended to set the Windows paging file to eg. 384 MB (fixed size).

Start -> System control -> System -> Advanced -> System performance -> Advanced -> Virtual memory

Big programs can not be installed

As CTFDINPC-1 only has an internal 4GB Flash-HDD there can be problems when installing bigger programs on the external 2.5" HDD as Windows needs temporary space. This temporary space can be set on the external 2.5" HDD.

Systemsteuerung -> SYSTEM -> Advanced -> Environment variables -> System variables -> TEMP and TMP -> Set eg. C:WinNTTemp to eg. F:TEMP
After rebooting Windows will save temporary files on the external HDD. Note ! Without temporary folder Windows will not work properly. So please ensure the external HDD is connected when PC is turned on.

Radio not working when PC is turned off

Press power button for 3 seconds while PC is turned off.