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Knowledgebase / FAQ (Intel CarPC)

Black display with CALU

The Intel graphics card adapter drivers has dualhead-support. If the display is switched to the non-existing second display, then you will see nothing on the primary one. Pressing CTRL+ALT+F1 fixed this.
Also this can help to solve it :
Boot into Windows Safe Mode, deinstall drivers of graphics card adapter, reboot.

Alternatively you can use this graphics driver Grafikkartentreiber, with that the problem can not occur.

CALU(CORE)-C-Series does not work (functionality test)

Wiring :
green = ignition+
red = +12V
white = ground

After connecting ignition+ it could take up to a minute until the system boots.
The time for start up and shut down the PC automatically, is set in the BIOS!
BIOS setting: „PASS“ = Starts without time delay (a few seconds)